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After being in the business for more than 40 years and working for 4 major Pest Control Companies in Louisville, Kentucky, Larry Ware's dream of owning and operating his own business had at once been realized. Larry established Precision Pest Control in 2003. The experience of working in all of the various branches of pest control had given Larry a great advantage in continuing to build the company and being able to provide top notch service for each and every customer.

Larry and son, Ben, look forward to being a part of the growth that is happening in and around the Metro Louisville area. After saying all that, the one true deciding factor with any business is it's customers and their satisfaction. That is why they continue to improve all aspects of the business through their past experiences. "Practical, Professional and Precise" isn't just a slogan it is a promise to you, the customer.

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A Variety of Service Options, Including:

  • Monthly Service - Once a month geared toward commercial accounts requiring monthly record keeping
  • Advance Payment - You now have the option to pay for the entire year up front
  • Quarterly Service - Once every three months
  • We always recommend the services you need, and none you don't!


It's easy to see why we consider ourselves to be the most Professional Company in our Business!
Environmentally conscious methods!
(We use only EPA registered products)
Open lines of communication to ensure customer satisfaction


In pest control, being precise is essential in effective treatment.

  • Consistent scheduling
  • Timely Service
  • Targeted Treatment