PreciseCare Services

We are excited to announce the addition of our PreciseCare line of services to further protect your family and home. Services ranging from your crawl space up to the tip of the roof help to protect your largest investment and give ongoing peace of mind. Learn more about these services by calling us at 502-241-6897 today for a free inspection.

Attic Restoration

Our PreciseCare Attic Restoration will improve the sanitation, insulation value and sound proofing of your attic space while treating those unwanted insects. After removing old insulation that is oftentimes soiled with rodent waste and extremely inefficient, we will sanitize and seal openings to prevent future re-infestation as well as prevent those pesky air leaks that eat into your energy savings.

❖TAP Pest Control Insulation is blown in with R Values ranging from a minimum of R-39 (12 inches) up to R-59 (16-18 inches) for the absolute best Insulation recommended for our Climate Zone.

❖TAP Insulation is a borate-treated pest control insulation made with 87% recycled material and is up to 30% more efficient than standard blown insulation. Call today for a free, detailed inspection at 502-241-6897

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Crawl Space Restoration

Make that damp, drury crawl space like new with the PreciseCare Crawl Space Restoration Service.
❖Debris and trash will be removed from the space and openings sealed to prevent rodent and pest activity in the home.

❖A new Vapor Barrier is added to prevent moisture intrusion.

❖We can also add Sump Pumps and Dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air.

❖New insulation is added for an increased R-Value and cleaner look.

Protect your home from possible moisture and insect damage while increasing the efficiency of your heating and air system. Call for a free Crawl Space Evaluation today at 502-241-6897.

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Exclusion Services

Pro-active prevention is the best policy. Seal openings around the exterior of the home to keep mice, insects and much more out of your living space. Mice can fit through an opening the size of a nickel so at some point they will gain access into your home. Let us help protect your investment.

❖We can seal brick weep holes, utility entry points, fascia board access, roof vent access, siding access, and many more areas.

Call today for an evaluation 502-241-6897
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